Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: Wicked Dead Lurker

I borrowed this from my library because it's approaching Halloween and I wanted something that would scare me. I love being scared =D
And this cover was really attractive. Wicked Dead Lurker is by Stefan Petrucha and Thomas Pendleton. Here is the blurb:

Four ghost girls.
A nightly ritual.
When their precious bones are rolled, the ghosts tell of deaths so horrifying even the rats in the orphanage walls cringe.

Tonight's Tale:
Seventeen-year-old Mandy has everything: popular friends; a hot boyfriend; plans for college, travel, the future. But after classmate Nicki is gruesomely murdered, Mandy is shaken to her core. Soon she's jumping at shadows and having nightmares of Nicki's killer - the Witchman. Mandy tells herself she's just imagining things - but nothing in her imagination prepares her for the terror that's about to attack.

It is actually scarier than it sounds. Although I didn't think the nickname Witchman was particularly scary. Although the description of him was. I also like reading books I've never heard of before (and that many other haven't) and reviewing them. This is mainly because I think there are so many great authors out there who don't get mentioned.

The plot starts off with the death of a girl called Nicki. The main character in this story is Mandy. She is the one who feels upset about the death of a fellow classmate (along with other people of course). She has recently broken up with her boyfriend and starts talking to a stranger online called Kyle. Mandy isn't stupid and after the murder of her friend, she asks Kyle to send her a picture with a very precise position. Kyle complies and everything seems normal. But then strange things start happening, she gets a text at Nicki's candlelight vigil saying "hahahaha" but she hasn't given her number out to anyone new recently. There is also no number attached so she assumes that her ex has got someone smarter to do it for him. The picture Kyle sends seems as though it's changing, but it's a jpeg file. I guessed who was behind the murder easily but I didn't know what would happen and what did happen really shocked me.

This book is quite a quick read (you could read it in a sitting) but I read it over two days. Unfortunately this will be quite a short review as I think I will ruin it if I reveal anymore.

Plot - 9/10 (I'm a sucker for horror. It loses a mark for being unrealistic -but I can't say how- ).
Characters - 8/10 (I got confused at certain parts at the start.)
Hookability (ability to keep you reading) - 9/10 (It was quick and I wanted to know what would happen).

Total - 26/30

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