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Review: Torment

How many lives must you live before you find someone to die for?

Lucinda is sure that she and Daniel are meant to be together forever. Now, in this sequel to the bestselling Fallen, they are forced apart in a desperate bid to save Luce from The Outcasts - immortals who want her dead. As she discovers more about her past lives Luce starts to suspect that Daniel is hiding something. What if he has lied to her about their shared past? What if Luce is really meant to be with someone else?

Before I start with the review I just want to say one thing... LOOK AT THAT COVER! Seriously, I fell in love with it when I first laid eyes on it. It's beautiful.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Torment but I did have a few niggling issues with it so I'm going to have a different layout for my review today. I'm tired and so my review today may seem a little haphazard. I'm going to apologise in advance for that. I like to end on a positive note so I'll start with the negatives.


I had been rotting for Cam in the previous book before I knew what he was. And although my opinion of Cam may have changed, I still don't like Daniel. In fact, I was warming to him at the end of Fallen. Now, however, Daniel really irritates me. This may turn in to a rant. He never tells Luce anything which is dangerous. If he knew her well, he'd know that she will just search for the truth, even if that leads to dangerous situation. He also seems quite happy to leave her at the end of an argument with no consideration of her feelings and not once do I recall him saying sorry.

This paragraph is a spoiler so please move on to the next one if you don't want "Torment" ruined. I've never really been a fan of love triangles. In "Fallen" it was generally quite intriguing. In "Torment" it felt a little cliche. Two guys swooning over one girl who thinks she is nothing special. It brought back memories of "The Twilight Saga". Of course, you can't compare the two in my mind, after all, I didn't read "Torment" wanting to repeatedly bang my head against the wall as was the case with "The Twilight Saga". *hears die hard twilight fans unsheathing their swords and hides in my room* *also wonders why I think they'd have swords *

In my mind it's natural to draw similarities between books. So when Luce entered a world where she was famous and didn't know why, I thought of Harry Potter. It was "The Twilight Saga" I mainly thought about. Spoiler coming up -----> Particularly when they talked about Team Miles and Team Daniel shirts.


I'm done with the negatives and my ranting now. It's time to move on to what I loved about this book. It may sound strange but I love the setting of this book. I could actually imagine myself in this warm sunny place near a beautiful ocean. I love being transported to beautiful places in books. I also found it really easy to connect to Luce. Her emotions were understandable, she wasn't whiny and she wasn't afraid to confront people if necessary. As I'm on the subject of characters, I would like to talk about Shelby. I adored her. Unless you've read "Torment" you'll not have heard of Shelby before. She is bad-ass, caring and gifted at yoga. And then there's Miles: the cute, caring guy who listens to Luce and is there for her. I'm fond and a little bit cautious of Miles.

The plot ran quite smoothly throughout the truce. I was intrigued about what Daniel was doing but there was plenty of action going on in Luce's life. I enjoyed learning more about angels, demons and outcasts during the book. Everything was relevant to the story. As corny as it sounds, I felt like I was going on a journey with Luce.

"Torment" had me hooked. I started this book today... and finished it today. I couldn't put it down. When I read the Harry Potter series there was a feeling of tremendous joy that I got. A feeling I thought no book could even come close to delivering. I was wrong. The "Fallen" series have brought about the same magical feeling in me that I got when I read the "Harry Potter" series. And coming from me, that's a huge compliment.


I said earlier that I loved "Torment" and I wasn't lying. There were some niggling issues which kept popping up in my head during the book. As enjoyable as it was, I felt it would be unfair of me not to include these issues in my review. Overall, I loved "Torment" but I think I prefer Fallen. There's no doubt that in my mind that if you loved "Fallen" you'll enjoy "Torment". I would still rate "Fallen" and "Torment" as a couple of my favourite books and I think they should be part of a new smash hit series. I bought my friend "Fallen" for her birthday and she absolutely loved it. We then went shopping where she bought "Fallen" for another friend's birthday. The joy this series brings in contagious. So after reading this, please don't doubt I love this book. But feel free to make up your own minds on whether or not you want to read it.

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