Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: A Swift Pure Cry

After reading and reviewing "Bog Child" by Siobhan Down, which can be found here, I was excied to read "A Swift Pure Cry". This book was good but unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations.

I loved the cover of this book and had enjoyed Bog Child so I thought why not. The blurb also made it sound really appealing:

Life has been hard for Shell since the death of her mam. Her dad has given up work and turned his back on reality, leaving Shell to care for her brother and sister. When she can, she spends time with her best friend Bridie and the charming, persuasive Declan, sharing cigarettes and irreverent jokes.

Shell is drawn to the kindness of Father Rose, a young priest, but soon finds herself the centre of an escalating scandal that rocks the small Irish community to its foundations.

This magnificent debut novel was inspired by a true story.

I'm not entirely sure why the book was given this cover. Oh wait, I think I just got it. The girl, the bathroom and the pink dress make sense. But the wings are just thrown in to look random I think. They serve no purpose. One of my issues with this book was the title. It appeared about twice throughout the book and I don't think it is relevant enough to the story for it to be a title. It's an interesting title, but not massively related to the story. It could have been given more consideration.

The plot in itself was quite good although it felt a little dragged out at parts. However, the storyline was quite interesting. I had my moments with the main character, Shell. At times I thought she was a little too naive but what she had to cope with and the fact that she dealt with situations without a lot of moaning made me like her. She was quite a strong character and had to deal with a lot. I think my judgement of this book may have been affected by my stress levels at the time, I should have been revising.

I was able to put this story down but I did finish it. I can't not finish a book! I feel extremely guilty. Overall, this is a good read, but it felt dragged out at parts. If you want to read a Siobhan Dowd book, I recommend "Bog Child". I think I should also mention that both books are set in Ireland, the author was Irish.

Plot: 8/10

Characters: 9/10

Hookability (ability to keep you reading): 6/10 (Too easy to put down)

Total: 23/30

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