Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: My Dating Disasters Diary

I finished "My Dating Disasters Diary" by Liz Rettig last night. I decided to review it today, after school, because it was a choice between a slightly later review or a review written yesterday by my half asleep self, which, trust me, would not have been very good. Below is the synopsis:

Kelly Ann is a total tomboy. She loves football and computer games and has no idea why anyone would want to bother with soppy romantic stuff and stupid crushes on boys. Her best mate is Chris, the boy next door, and he's not into that stuff either, is he? Follow Kelly Ann's ventures into the crazy world of love through her stonkingly funny diaries.

The book centres around a tomboy character who is always the guy's friend, and never the girlfriend. I liked Kelly Ann because of her love of football and complete boyish attitude. Incase you didn't guess, I was a tomboy too. Kelly Ann has a best friend called Liz who is the opposite of Kelly Ann in terms of attitude. Liz is the one who wears face masks, dates guys and is always on some type of diet despite being curvy. My favourite character in the book is a character who is introduced later on by the name of Stephanie. She is outgoing and knows everything there is to know about clothes, boys, hair and make-up.

The plot centres around Kelly Ann's quest to get a boyfriend, snog him and dispel the rumours that she is a lesbian. Sounds quite simple, right? Wrong! Nothing remotely girly is simple for Kelly Ann. There are also sub-plots which are happening. This book is what I would describe as laugh out loud funny, and that's not something I say lightly. It was funny in a sarcastic sort of way that represents teenager's humour. This book will be loved by Louise Rennison fans. And, in my honest opinion, I preferred it to the Louise Rennison book I read. Not that I don't like Louise Rennison or anything.

Could I put the book down? I had to. Now I'm back at school with GCSEs looming I can't read 24/7. However, it only took me a couple of days to read this book. I also loved the cover. It's quite bright and every so often I would catch a glimpse of it and long to stop my current task and read it.

This is, quite simply, a fun and interesting read. It tackles teenage issues in a funny and realistic way. From niggling worries to normal teenage problems, Liz Rettig covers it all.

Characters: 9/10

Plot: 8/10

Hookability (ability to keep you reading): 8/10

Total: 25/30

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