Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: Forever X

I picked up this book from the library. For 10p, it was worth a try. The blurb was quite interesting and so I decided to pick it up. For those of you who are fast readers, you will finish this in a very short time. It took me about 2 hours whilst watching "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in German. "Wo ist deine Mam, Potter?" I think I'm little obsessed with German and Harry Potter. Moving on to the review:

By turning her head sideways, she could just make out that the bulbs formed letters, words -


What did it mean - this strange sign on the strange house in the middle of nowhere? Who are these weird people? What is an agel doing up a tree? And why have the police arrived?

You'll find the answers in this imaginative and richly comic novel by an award-winning author.

I had a different cover to the one up above. They are both "Forever X" by Geraldine McCaughrean, but the cover I have looks scary and for a younger audience. When I picked this book up, I didn't know what age range it was for. However, when I started reading the novel, it was clear it was a book intended for a younger audience. Although that didn't stop my enjoyment of it.

This book revolves around Mia's family car breaking down. Mia herself is a teenager. They are near a B&B and it is here that Mia sees the light bulbs "Forever X". This is a traditional child's book, there are numerous misunderstandings. However, it also stands to reason that it can be quite different. It deals with some sad situations. Although there isn't anything which would tragically upset a reader.

The characters themelves weren't as well developed as they could be. We are told there is an unstable relationship between Mia and her father but we don't really know why. The family never really communicate. My favourite cahracter is Holly, Mia's friend at the B&B. She is quite cool and I like her bravery.

This book was a quick read so I didn't really put it down. However, if I had been younger, I would probably have been very interested in the book. So high for hookability for children.

Characters: 5/10

Plot: 7/10 (Had some good issues for children, slightly lacking for me)

Hookability: 7/10 (younger children would probably have liked it more)

Total: 19/30

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