Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: Fallen

As promised, here is my review of Fallen which is written by Lauren Kate. Fallen was the first book I read as part of the read-a-thon. It's taken a long time to get this review up! Here is the blurb:

Daniel's gaze caught hers, and her breath caught in her throat. She recognized him from somewhere. But she would have remembered meeting someone like him. She would have remembered feeling as absolutely shaken up as she did right now.

But what do you do when the person you've spent your whole life looking forkeeps slipping out of your grasp? What if the person you are meant to be with can never be yours?

Dangerously addictive and darkly romantic, FALLEN is the ultimate gothic love story - a page turning thriller about fallen angels.

I. Loved. This. Book.

You can't comprehend my love of this book! I just... argh... what I mean to say is, I am sorely tempted to re-read this book. And I shall be getting it as a present for my friend for Christmas. It is also exactly a month until the release of Fallen in shops!

Characters? The main character is a girl called Luce. She is a very likeable character who has been sent to Sword & Cross by her parents. Sword & Cross seems to be a school for those who have had, or caused, bad things to happen. It's like a reform school. Luce was sent there after the night of the fire, but I won't say anymore than that. You'll have to read the book to find out what happened that night.

Cam is a good looking, sweet guy. He takes an interest in Luce and is always looking out for Luce. Unfortunately, everytime Luce wants to have a proper conversation and get to know Cam, she is interrupted by Gabbe, a blonde girl who Luce can't help but take a bit of a dislike too.

The other main male character is Daniel. He is "sublimely gorgeous". And Luce feels like she knows him, even when she believes she would remember someone like him. But any attempts to get to know Daniel are shunned by his outward attempts at distancing himself from her. So why does Luce feel drawn to Daniel if he clearly doesn't want to get to know her?

The plot of this book is amazing, I never would have guessed the truth of what was happening! It had me hooked until the end and I had to take a minute at the end of reading this (during the readathon) to just smile and remember how great the book was - and maybe some squealing and yearning for the next book Torment.

The ending? I'm sorry but if you choose to buy this book and read to the end, you will be left in suspense for the next book, Torment.

Overall, this book was superb! I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it! And I'm buying it as a present for my friend for Christmas!

Characters - 10/10 (and I've worked out that I'm not a good judge of character)

Plot - 10/10 -but I'd give it more if I could-

Hookability (ability to keep you reading) - 10/10

Yup, that's full marks - 30/30
I really did love it =)

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