Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: The Dresskeeper

I read this book a few days ago and it's taken me a while to get the review up (through sheer tiredness and bone-idleness). But I did actually read The Dresskeeper by Mary Naylus fairly quickly. Here is the blurb:

Have you ever pretended to be someone else?

Picky Robson thought things couldn't get any worse. Her life is a boy-free zone, she's being bullied at school, then mum announces she has to look after gran every weekend for the foreseeable future. One night, unknowingly tempting fate, Picky slips into a flouncy old dress from the depths of an ancient chest and finds herself back in 17th Century London. But she is not alone. A weirdo in a wig is trying to kill her - mistaking her for a girl called Amelia.

Who is Amelia? Can Picky change the past by exposing the murderer? And will she make it back alive?

The main character in this book is Picky Robson. Picky and I had our moments. I didn't like how she kept referring to herself as a hefty because she was size fourteen. But I did find it funny when she referred to the bitchy skinny girls at school (you know every school has the uber-bitchy clique of skinny girls) as not hefty. They are also called The Demon Worshippers. Here is one of the quotes I loved: "FYI: a hefty is a girl who weighs more than an emaciated five-year old - which means most of the class, with the exception of The Demon Worshippers."

Picky is a funny character and I loved her teenage attitude. There are a lot of quotes I want to pull out of this book because they're just really humorous. But I shall settle with one. I thought the ending was both sad and happy. I can't say why as I don't intend to spoil the book.

The plot in itself was really interesting. I was hooked and was willing Picky to get back to her present day life everytime she went in to 17th Century London. However, the premise of this book was really interesting and I don't think I've ever read a book that was at all similar to this.

This book scores high marks for its ability to keep me reading. I read it in the space of one night. It was quite a quick read. Or maybe the time flew by. Either way, it was hard to put down and I wanted to know what would happen next.

Plot - 9/10 (Very original)
Hookability (abiliy to keep you reading) - 9/10
Characters - 7/10 (I could have done with more information about Luce and Edwina).

Total - 25/30

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