Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: The A-List: Malibu Sun

I picked up "The A-list: Malibu Sun" by Zoey Dean as I thought it would make a fun, light summer read. I wasn't disappointed. So what is it about? Here's the blurb:

Anna Percy is film-star gorgeous. Which is just as well, because she's new to Beverly Hils, and being beautiful in LA is like Manolo Blahnik heels - simply a must...

Just when Anna thought life in LA couldn't get crazier she finds herself working on the hottest new TV show in town. Fortunately, partying with the cast and crew and hanging out at the beachside set is all part of the deal. Now, if she could only shake off the Beverly Hills High witches... But there's no way Cammie is letting Anna off the hook - Little Miss East-Coast Perfection won't be stealing the show this time...

When I picked this book up, I never realised it was part of a series. I don't like reading a series in a different order. However, my bookshop doesn't have the other books in the series so this'll probably be the only one I read in the series anyway. For those in the US, Malibu Sun is called Blonde Ambition in the US. I couldn't find a decent picture for the UK version so I used the US cover. On to the actual book review...

I really enjoyed this book. I tend to go mad on books and then have a break. And then go mad on books again etc. Every so often, I want a book which is easy to read and fun. Most importantly, the book matter isn't deep so my brain isn't left reeling and whirring whilst I ask myself questions about the book.
The main two characters are Anna and Cammie. The book changes point of view at certain points, from Anna to Cammie and vice-versa. Anna and Cammie hate each other, which makes the shift in point of view even more interesting. Anna is meant to be the nicer of the two but I thought that she seemed a bit flirtatious for my liking. Cammie is meant to be the ice queen but as the book explained, there is a little more depth to her, although not as much as I would have liked. I want to know more about the characters and their history. Then again, I am to blame for not starting at the beginning of the series. I both love and hate Anna and Cammie and find them interesting characters. It would have been fun to read the whole series.

I don't really remember a main plot. Anna and Cammie had their own individual problems. The only time they really had any connection was if they saw each other, through exboyfriends and current friends. Oh, and I forgot another connection. Anna's boss is Cammie's dad. This book kept me reading. Maybe it was because it was short. Maybe it was the setting. Or maybe it was because it's a fun read. I picked up several books I planned to read over the summer, this being one of them. It fit my criteria. There are some books you pick up because you want to learn more about certain situations e.g. homelessness, eating disorders, self-harm etc. "Malibu Sun" isn't this kind of book. I'll warn you now though: it does include some sex, nothing too graphic though.

I've already mentioned that I wasn't able to stop reading this book. In honesty, I should have had this review up a long time ago. But I half started this review and then decided to come back this afternoon. If you want a fun, light and enjoyable read, then you will probably enjoy this. I know you can't put an age rating on books but I felt like this was a teenage read.

Characters: 7/10 - It's a love/hate relationship.

Plot: 8/10 - I like the use of suplots.

Hookability (ability to keep you reading): 9/10 - Over too fast :(

Total: 24/30

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