Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: The 13 Treasures

After attending the author talk at Uxbridge library, I felt compelled to read this book, and I’m glad I did. “The 13 Treasures” is written by Michelle Harrison and is the first book I think I’ve read about fairies. Here is the blurb:

While visiting her grandmother's house, Tanya discovers an unsolved mystery. Fifty years ago, a girl vanished in the woods nearby - a girl Tanya's grandmother will not speak of. Fabian, the caretaker's son, is tormented by the girl's disappearance. His grandfather was the last person to see her alive, and has lived under suspicion ever since. Together, Tanya and Fabian decide to find the truth. But Tanya has her own secret: the ability to see fairies. Can it help them to unravel the mystery? Soon they are facing terrible danger - could the manor's sinister history be about to repeat itself?

I am not entirely sure if I like this blurb. I don't think it really does the book justice but I do love the last line of it, "Could the manor's sinister history be about to repeat itself?" That line is the hooker, the one that means you have to read this book. I had originally owned this book for a while and had picked it up because of the award it received from Waterstone's. I regret not reading it before now.

I love the way that fairies are introduced in to the book. First impressions are always important and boy do these fairies make an impression. They are introduced as evil, mischievous creatures. I loved learning about the fairies as the book progressed, especially how the Seelie and Unseelie court came to be and what exactly the 13 treasures were. I'm not telling you, you'll have to read it to find out. Tanya, the main character, was a likeable character and I felt for her, especially through her confusion of what was happening and her dislike of the fairies. Fabian is going through a lot. He is the misunderstood character who you can learn to understand when certain things are revealed in the book. This is how Tanya and Fabian eventually become friends. And one character I love: the strange lady in the forest. If that isn't a cool character, I don't know what is. I also liked Tanya's dog, Oberon, but that's because I like dogs.

This book centres around Tanya's ability to see Fairies and the mysterious disappearance of the girl in the woods. Who was she? Why won't her grandmother speak of her? All of this makes for an interesting plot. This book keeps your interest with subplots until you get to the main event. The ending was amazing. I really enjoyed the fast pace at the end and thought the rest of the book was nicely paced.

Hookability? I read this book in a day - although I was already quite determined. A character is introduced later in the book called Red. I really cared for Red and wanted to know what would happen to her. The mystery of the disappearing girl and my interest in knowing more about the strange lady in the forest kept me reading. However, I can see other people being able to put this book down for a while.

Overall, "The 13 Treasures" was an enjoyable read. It is about fairies and mystery and I recommend you read it if you like a bit of fantasy. I really enjoyed this book. It is the first book I've read about fairies.

Plot - 9/10

Characters - 10/10

Hookability (ability to keep you reading) - 7/10

Total - 26/30

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